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Finger printing, also known as thermal fingerprinting contact us today is the transferring of a design through heat to a surface. This method has been used for decades and is an excellent method for getting special designs for fingerprints in Charlotte NC. Finger printing is a popular event at music festivals, ball games, fundraisers and more. You can get custom wristbands made in order to attend your favorite sporting event. If you are planning a special event that requires 100 or more attendees, you will want to consider printing your event information on T-shirts or custom wristbands.


Printing design ideas for T-shirts or custom wristbands is available in Charlotte and come in various sizes depending upon how many individuals you will be printing. Your printing company will be able to help guide you in the design process. You can have your event logo created and printed onto a shirt or wristband and have it distributed at your event. You may also want to have one or more shirts created and have them distributed at your event. Custom wristbands are perfect for sports teams, school teams, frat houses, church teams, youth groups, girl/boy scout teams, and more.


Finger printing provides you with many design options when designing a wristband or making a shirt for an upcoming event. You will find that printing companies in Charlotte NC offer numerous options for printing designs on T-shirts and wristbands. You can create custom wristbands with your company logo, event dates, event location, or other information you want to put on the label. No matter what design ideas you choose you will find that printing companies in Charlotte NC offer great assistance in designing your event wristbands and shirts.

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