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Home Inspections – Charlotte Home Inspections

Home Inspections in Charlotte with Gortney is necessary to determine whether a home is safe and if the right home is purchased. Many people consider home inspections to be tedious work and take many months to complete, however this is not the case. The amount of time a home inspection takes depends on a number of different factors. Charlotte home inspectors will assess a property based upon their individual qualifications and a number of other considerations that might influence the home inspection.

home inspections Charlotte


Home inspectors will begin their investigation by reviewing the roof, basement, visible water damage, visible electrical wiring, visible siding and visible plumbing. Charlotte home inspectors will also review and evaluate any repairs needed as well as any alterations that might be required. If there is an existing structure on the property they will also evaluate that structure. Once all the initial investigations are complete, a Charlotte home inspector will make a final report that contains all their findings. The report is then offered to the buyer for approval.


A home inspection in Charlotte is the first step that should be taken in purchasing a new home. Charlotte home inspectors are licensed and knowledgeable and can help provide peace of mind that a home is in good condition and will be safe for a long term investment. Homes inspected before purchase are usually a lot cheaper as well. A good home inspection can save a great deal of money in the future.

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